About Us


Dr. Manuel Rico-Perez pioneered the natural supplement and vitamin products movement in the United States Spanish speaking market. His daily radio show, “Salud en Cuerpo y Alma,” allowed him to reach and help the greatest number of people live healthier and happier. He gave health and wellness advice to his “radio pacientes” with loads of encouragement. Dr. Rico-Perez inspired his listeners to live each day mindfully and positively. And now his son, Dr. Manuel Rico, continues the family legacy bringing the latest health related information and guidance to listeners.


Our founder, Dr. Rico-Perez, was born in Havana, Cuba, to parents who were teachers on November 8th, 1940. As a child, he was fascinated by the functions of the human body and researching scientific topics. He was admitted to the University of Havana in pursuit of a medical degree. As a result of the unstable political climate in Cuba, the University closed and he fled the country.


Years later, Dr. Rico-Perez received a scholarship to finish his medical degree requirements at the Universidad Central del Este in the Dominican Republic. After graduating with honors in 1978, he started practicing as a physician in Miami. He was very active in communities around the United States and internationally, performing many hours of service and shedding light on important issues.